Flapperball™ Threaded

How does yours measure up?


In case of polished rod failure, the emergency shut in ball will float with the well bore fluid up into the upper housing seat and seal the stuffing box to eliminate leakage

Designed to compensate for slight misalignment of the polished rod - easily self-aligned

16" overall height

Upper 2-1/4 OD packing / lower cone packing

Various sizes and pressure ratings available

Easy to replace packing

Center housing doubles as lubrication chamber

Offset packing compatible


Allows for maintenance typically not possible in standard stuffing boxes. The sealing mechanism (the ball) can be inspected and/or replaces as opposed to a check valve seat which cannot be inspected or replaced

Various ports allow flexibility to include gauges or shutdown switches

Change lower packing safety and efficiently without requiring cod clamps


2-3/8" EUE

2-7/8" EUE

3-1/2" EUE

Other threads available at custom request

Pressure Ratings