Crooked BOP


Crooked BOP™ can be tilted up to 4 degrees in any direction

It can be moved laterally over the tubing up to 1/2" in any direction

Supplied as a 3-1/2 Big Bore (R35) with a speacial hanger and adapter for 2-7/8 tubing

Dual pin ram ROTA design with integral flow tee

Pressure rated to 5000 psi on the rams and 7500 psi on the body


It is not uncommon for producers to be challenged with situations where the surface casing is not cemented in perfectly vertically or the wellhead was welded inproperly. Our solution for this is the Crooked BOP™

Currently repair techniques are very expensive and often dangerous. Operating a crooked well is very difficult for the operator and hard on equipment.

The Crooked BOP™ was designed to save clients time, money, construction costs, and risk.


Bottom connection= 3-1/8 5K R35 Flange

Side connection= 2-1/16 5K R24 with 2" line pipe

Top connection= 3-1/8 5K R35 with 3-1/2 EUE thread

Bore Size

3.125" minimum